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About Us
 The BimSym Pledge
  Our mission is to attain leadership in our chosen field, through our commitment, creativity and innovation, quality-consciousness, experience and ability to provide value-for-money.
BimSym pledges its commitment -- to its customers, employees, partners and community.
  BimSym pledges excellence to its customers in everything we make and market. We promise to continually improve our products through -- listening to our customers, research and development, innovation and a commitment to be the best
  BimSym pledges to its employees ---personal respect, honest and equitable treatment. We will make every effort to provide opportunity to foster a culture of excellence, leadership, and innovation. We allow every BimSym employee to become a balanced individual.
  BimSym pledges to its partners a courteous, ethical behavior, good practices and respect. We pledge to build and uphold the trust and goodwill for building successful business relationships.
Corporate Citizen
Corporate Citizen
  BimSym is committed to be a good corporate citizen, by providing a helping hand for worthy causes, thereby building a well developed strong community. BimSym has made a commitment to donate its time and profit for community development initiatives
 About BimSym
'BimSym' is short for Business Information & Management Systems. The name says it all. We develop innovative solutions and software for small and medium size businesses. With over a decade of technical experience we developed partnerships with leading Information technology providers, modern project and quality management and exclusive human resources.

Our expertise is in Internet Product development, database development, software development, custom programming, graphics design and web site design and industry specific online solutions.

Various system architect modeling tools enabled BimSym to develop and provide custom online management information applications and software such as customer relation management system (CRM) and Agency Management System (AMS) to give a unique place to your internet presence.
 Management & Development Team
At BimSym we believe, Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). Working in a TEAM environment help us to develop quality products and take up any Information Technology challenges come our way.

Our highly qualified and experienced management and development team delivers cutting-edge solutions to your Information Technology Challenges at a quality that is equivalent or superior to that offered by many IT companies, but at a fraction of the cost of other companies.
No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main....
from Meditation 17 by John Donne

As such, the man who initiates in any economic activity cannot be an island, isolating himself from the world. As a good corporate citizen, it becomes his duty to share his efforts with the underprivileged so that he can participate in the development of the community. The pursuit of profits and formation of large global corporations have created a low sense of ownership leading it to corporations becoming disenfranchised with the communities in which they exist.

BimSym’s philosophy is to make its own contributions in reducing the disparity in the lives of the privileged and underprivileged. BimSym has a vision for all its constituents-- its employees, customers, vendors and the community. There is a charter of pledges, which every employee follows, in the course of going about business to make a difference in the world that we all live in.

This vision translates into the corporate goals in a policy to contribute employee time and corporate earnings toward social activities or other philanthropic activities in which the employees are interested in. The BimSym philanthropic goal is to improve the local community's development equity.

The employees on every second and fourth weekends of the month attend a medical camp in Ahmedabad, India to give the underprivileged free medical consultations, medicines, treatment, and surgery, all accompanied by free meals. These amenities are extended to anyone who comes to the camp. This selfless service provides some of the best doctors and specialists offering their services free of charge. Nearly six thousand people attend each session, and BimSym is proud to volunteer time helping this large number of people.

BimSym is planning to take up other similar social initiatives in the near future.

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