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  CRM Solutions Provider
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Using our Development practice we have developed several management systems:
Content management Content management
Financial portfolio manager Financial portfolio manager
Customer relation management system (CRM) Customer relation management system (CRM)
Agency management system (AMS) Agency management system (AMS)
Online calendar and automated scheduler Online calendar and automated scheduler
Student Enrolment System Student Enrolment System
Virtual document management system Virtual document management system
Commission tracker Commission tracker
Online Shopping cart Online Shopping cart
Payment management system Payment management system
Link exchange automation Link exchange automation
Recruiter management system Recruiter management system
E-Newsletter organizer E-Newsletter organizer
Article publisher Article publisher
Interview process for call centers Interview process for call centers
Automated survey system Automated survey system
Manufacturing data management system (MDMS) Manufacturing data management system (MDMS)
Electronic catalog Electronic catalog
Electronic directory Electronic directory
Customer support system Customer support system
 BimSym Reselling Business Partner Opportunity
In 2006 Forrester Research and IDC predict that worldwide CRM revenues are expected to exceed $8 billion — and industry analysts predict no end in sight. No matter what sector you have focused, if you aren’t seriously offering CRM solution with your business management products, you might be seriously losing business.
 Software Development Practice
BimSym provides customized - Online Business Management System for online business community. BimSym is focused and customized solution-by blending contact management, document management, time management, business work-flow automation, and communication tools.

In order to capture the growing number of online users, businesses need system that will enable them to be competitive and strategic, while helping them reducing costs.

Our existing eBusiness Management System Shelf has several business required components and they can be customized and can be used as independent modules or integrated in to a one system.
 Platform Independent
Using its web interface, BimSym’s system is accessible via any standard browser, regardless of operating system or platform.

 Access BimSym Interface through any Computer on the Internet or Intranet
Uses web GUI and electronic mail for interfacing, making it possible for any computer system with Internet/Intranet access to use the system.
&nbspFull Historical Database
Records all contacts in an up-to-date, in-house centralized database to create a historical archive from which the user can manage the contacts and continue the relationships that are life and blood of the entire system
 Fully Customizable
BimSym - focuses on improving the technologies and practices uses for assembling previously developed and existing components and other non-developed components (COTS) into business management systems. This approach changes the focus of software engineering from one of traditional system specification and construction to one requiring simultaneous consideration of the customer’s required system characteristics such as requirements, cost, schedule, operating and support environments, capabilities of products in the marketplace, and viable architectures and designs.
 Reseller Support
When you put the time, money and effort into reselling a product, you want it to pay... big time. With BimSym Business Partner Program, we ensure you to get the support you need to maximize your investment in our products and your marketing efforts.

As a BimSym Reselling Business Partner, not only will you be reselling the quality CRM solutions, but you’ll also enjoy unparalleled access to our sales, marketing and technical support departments. We will help you to make your partnership extremely profitable and trouble free.

As a BimSym Reselling Business Partner you’ll receive Qualified opportunities, A dedicated Account Manager, Full Marketing and PR support, Generous margins, Unlimited technical support, and Valuable sales tools.

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